It's Magic of Course

Photography, Videography, Custom Editing

Passionate small business owners are the lifeblood of local economies. Here at 1.618 Marketing, we offer services and solutions that meet the needs of those groups and individuals. For us, it’s never been about the biggest clients – it’s about impact!

Professional Creative Library

Enabling Small Business

Many agencies, even small boutique agencies like ours will have monthly billing minimums. It makes sense because the time to properly work with any business is typically significant. In understanding that 1.618 Marketing understands that there are times when small business owners just need “that thing” that helps them push their business to the next level.

In working with ‘It’s Magic of Course’, owner Ted B. wanted to uplevel his creative a bit. Show off what it’s like to be at one of his magic shows. We decided to start this that we would organize a number of photo and video shoots to build out an online library of creative that he and his team (family) could use to make Facebook ads, Social media content, uplevel their website and create printable flyers.

We did this within a workable budget and these assets will pay off for him for potentially years to come.

Sharing is Caring

The Magic is in the Experience

You’ve heard the phrase, “If a tree falls in the woods and there is no one there to see it – did it really fall?” Some small business owners worry that if they share too much that they’ll be giving away trade secrets or just be annoying people. Let me tell you – if you don’t share your work consistently people will simply forget about you.

Be interesting, share quality content, entertain and educate.


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