Destination, Luxury & Vacation Real Estate

Marketing Strategy, Social Media, Photography & Videography

Own an Airbnb, VRBO, Rental Property or Selling Luxury Real Estate?

You’ve heard the phrase, “If only walls could speak.” Well, at 1.618 Marketing we love to tell the story of your rental property or luxury property for sale. With our combination of strategic digital marketing experience, visual storytelling expertise and professional media services (Photography, Video & Drone) we will put your property in the light it deserves to capture attention and drive high-value prospects to your front door.

Creative meets Analytics

Powering Campaigns

We take pride in blending imagery, video, storytelling and data science to bake a marketing cake that drives measurable results. Real estate and rental property marketing is unique in that getting high-quality images and video to create compelling content is not easy. Additionally, targeting the right groups of potential consumers can be difficult to pinpoint. We remove those challenges by providing professional creative services and execution on campaigns that expand from the core of your current customer base.

Marketing Experiences

Your Customers Drive Your Success!

Real Estate and rental property marketing is a holistic process that does not end when the sale is made. That’s just the beginning. Your customers are the best sources for word-of-mouth, testimonials, referrals, and rebooking. Additionally, your customer data is your number one asset for building successful ad campaigns. Our goal is to merge the prospecting, experience, and customer retention programs into a single marketing machine.


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