Bauer Hockey – Extracting Passion through Storytelling

February 7, 2020 keith

Bauer Hockey – Extracting Passion through Storytelling

Bauer Hockey has become one of my favorite storytelling brands. This is the difference in what I call “True Passion Extraction” vs. “Manufactured Excitement” in the marketing world. It’s exactly why we don’t work with brands like Toilet Paper Company X or Anti-Itch Cream Y. It’s simply no fun trying to manufacture excitement in a population that for the most part doesn’t really care.

As a hockey player, myself married to a hockey Mom with and Father of two kids in Minor hockey I know the passion around this sport!

How does your brand, company, idea or concept tap into the passion people have for something? What are the things people love most about you? How can you extract and AMPLIFY that?

The game is a gift. No need to manufacture that.

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